Estate Planning

Your hopes to ensure a secure and practical future for your family’s well-being depend on how you plan today. Transferring your assets when the time comes – whether your home, your business, your investments or any financial source – takes careful estate planning.

Estate Planning Encompasses:

• The preparation of a will

• Appointing an executor of the will

• Determining whether a power of attorney is required and who should be appointed in that role

• Establishing appropriate ownership structures such as trusts

Consideration of an estate plan depends upon whether:

• You have sizeable assets and the personal circumstances of your beneficiaries require the creation of more  complex trusts within your will

• You have vulnerable beneficiaries with special needs

• Your investment or business structures are complex and may include a family discretionary trust, a self managed

superannuation fund or a private company

• You wish to minimize the tax liability of your estate or your beneficiaries, for example via superannuation or
testamentary trusts.

At Matrium we can help set in place the right estate planning structures and documentation for smooth transition and tax effective transfer of assets.

Our experienced Financial Advisers outline your wishes clearly to ensure your estate is transferred to your beneficiaries efficiently.

An Matrium adviser can refer the client to estate planning specialists or to the referral partner solicitors.
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