Find Your Lost Super

Did you know that one out of every two adult working Australians has lost super? If you’ve changed jobs or addresses, or even your name, you could be one of the millions of Australians who has lost track of their super.
Your super account is considered ‘lost’ by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) if:

• Your account has not received any contributions for two years.
• Mail sent by your super fund is returned unanswered twice.

Find and reclaim what is rightfully yours by searching for your lost super using SuperSeeker via the ATO’s website. All you need to search for in unclaimed super is your:

• Tax File Number
• Name
• Date of Birth

Its that easy, and even better, the search is free!

Think lost super doesn’t matter?
Here are just three reasons why you should track down and consolidate your lost super:

• You may save on paying multiple sets of fees to multiple providers. One super fund =only one set of fees.
• Your money can work harder when its together. A
   larger account balance may also mean lower fees
   and charges.
• You can keep better track of your investment when
   its all in one place.

If a possible match has been found between your TFN and details on the Lost Member Register, you will be given the name and contact details for the super fund/s that reported the account as lost. You will then need to contact the fund/s.

If a possible match has been found between your TFN and superannuation records held by the ATO, you will be asked to contact the ATO directly.

For your convenience we have attached the ATO form which can also be completed as an alternative option in search for your Lost Super
Download PDF - ATO form

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